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Air conditioner cleaning is an important thing to consider. Because if the air conditioner releases unclean air, it will affect the respiratory system. and skin that may be irritated must be kept

frequent cleanliness To reduce problems and fix odors, the air conditioner is not as cold as before. A serious case is leaking. including not cleaning the air conditioner for more than 6 months, so if you want these problems

Forget about us That will manage your air conditioner to be as clean as new with 14 standard quality procedures that will take care of you, which the area to serve is Bangkok and its vicinities.

Service Procedures 

Service Scope 

1. Place an apron in the area to clean the air conditioner.

2. Check the operation of the air conditioner, swing, measure temperature and electricity.

3. Clean the filcoid panel.

4. Clean the filter.

5. Clean the squirrel cage fan.

6. Suck and blow the sewer pipe.

7. Clean the machine (FAN COIL).

8. Blow away moisture in different parts.

9. Spray the fil coil panel disinfectant.

10. Clean the hot coil

11. Check the control panel and the operation of the machine

12. Check the cold temperature

13. Measure voltage and current values

14. Check the ground wire and check the connection point.

15. Deliver work to customers ready to give advice and care

The service fee is inclusive of VAT.

only covers wages

Clean air conditioner in 4 directions or not more than 48000BTU ceiling only. with high pressure water gun

No service to clean the hot coil. In the event that the hot-coil is placed in a risky area Outside the building more than 3 meters high without a balcony Can't use stairs, have to hang.

cleaning service does not cover the repair of the product reserves the right to suspend service In the event that the device is broken, it cannot be used

In case of having to add refrigerant, there is an additional charge.

     Air conditioner #R22/#R32A 30 baht per pound

     Refrigerant #R410A kg 750 baht

Completely clean, air conditioner cleaning service Ready to spray disinfectant

Clean hanging air conditioners with standard quality procedures.

Ensure the quality of work with up to 3 months warranty

Miss Air, Miss Us, complete every step, clean air conditioner, install, repair, move, let us help you whenever we are ready to serve you.

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