CAMWON Tuya Smart GSM Alarm Kit 

Getting to Know Your System The hub cellular+Wi-Fi model is a dual network system that utilizes both Wi-Fi andcellular GSM/4G.All sensors are wirelessly connected to the hub. In the event of alarm activation, forexample, when a sensor is triggered, a push notification will be sent and an alarm callwill be made automatically to all registered users.The system can be controlled on-site by the remote tag supplied, or remotely fromanywhere with our free dedicated mobile application.The system can connect with up to 100 wireless sensors, 10 remote tags and 10 RFIDtags.

Tuya smart home 

1. Smart Hub 

2. PIR Motion Detector

3. Remote Tag Remote 

4. RFID Tags

5. Door/Window Sensor 

6. Speaker 

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